Michael Jackson was FUNKAY!

Inspired by Prince’s comment on the difference and inspiration they took from the Godfather of soul, funk and (disco) among other things - I decided, I wanted to post songs that show Michael’s funky side. I would also like to remind everyone that Michael Jackson was a HUGE fan and got a lot of his inspiration from James Brown and especially the era when James Brown was with the Famous Flames. Sure, MJ took inspiration from his dancing but he also was inspired by Brown’s vocal delivery and music. Here are some “funk” inspired tracks by Michael Jackson.  It’s also important to always remember, that the genius with Michael Jackson was his hybrid of different genres and some of these are different forms of funk music.  Enjoy! 

-miss x

Get it Together (song) - Jackson 5 (1973) 


Dancing Machine - Jackson 5 (1973)


From his Jacksons era.

Shake your body (down to the ground)  - 1978 


Lovely One  (1980) 


Michael Jackson aka the King of pop, soul and rock… 

Superfly Sister (1997)  (this song is so funky and incredibly underrated)


Another part of me (1988) a funk/pop song. 


Al Capone (1985 Smooth Criminal demo) a funky 80s dance track.


Workin’ Day and Night’ (1979)


Time to time I think about you….

Happy Birthday to a woman who broke all the rules and changed the face of fashion. The one and only Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel

chanel <3
Killed innocently.

A teenager was killed innocently by those who are supposed to protect the people - not kill them. We’ve heard this story, many times. Yet, I am not surprised, because the killing of minorities in the United States is something that has its origins; in its dark and somewhat hidden racial history. (The massacre of Native Americans, Slavery of Africans and the living conditions of people in reservations and ghettos is something that today is still ignored as something of the past. It shouldn’t be.)

This young black man Michael Brown, brings frustration and anger to my soul and others, because even though white people - say we live in a post-racial society, we really don’t. It is frustrating, when I hear white people talking about a post-racial, colorless society - when in fact, they always somehow contradict themselves, and say controversial and sometimes even racist comments. The unjust comments I’ve read online about Brown, are frightening. This young man, had a future and a different life ahead of him and it was taken away from him. The white man* (I write white men because they still govern the majority of the world, have the economic resources and political power in all western countries) doesn’t only take away dreams from its minorities, but they are killing them and not allowing them to blossom into their full potential. I don’t write this to hate on white people, but rather for them to reflect or at least have other minorities reflect - on this unequal power that white people have. Surely, many would say to me that - this doesn’t have to do with ones ethnicity but an issue with an old school law enforcement. I completely disagree, though it is true that the law enforcement needs to renew its force into the 21st century, the racial profiling and the racist mentality that exists within this field - will NOT go away overnight. This racist mentality is something that exists in society, like a poison - destroying the lives of people that happen to be minorities in the United States. Racism will not be conquered (if it ever will) if we are not allowed to speak of it. I also think that the belief that a mixed or multicultural society means less racism, is quite false.  

Although there might exist many interracial relationships and mixed children, this doesn’t equal a society without racism. Multiculturalism, ,mixed people and interracial relationships have existed in the Americas since the 1500s; and it didn’t mean that racism and discrimination didn’t exist - just like it doesn’t today. Finally, I hope Michael Brown’s family and his friends, find peace and get answers that they deserve. Racism does exist and we surely don’t live in a post-racial society, if a young black man needs to be afraid of his life - just because of his appearance or his clothes. Silence is not the option anymore, there’s been enough silence already. 

-miss x